Dutch Boys


Introduktie Aanbieding

tot juni 2024

Boek verschijnt half mei 2024



I am proud to announce my next book: almost 150 short tales by 62 Dutch fighter pilots translated into English. Lots of illustrations and most of them in colour. Book is titled: Dutch Boys.
Some information:
size A5, 208 pages, full colour, isbn 978-949000-8314, retail price €18,95 plus postage, published may 2024.
Enclosed you will find 10 sample pages. Please note these pages are not the final version, some small adjustments will happen on several pages.

Introduction Offer

We have an introduction offer. Until June 2024 no postage for delivery within the Netherlands. Price, including postage, will be only €18,95 and you can order on the website. If you ship it as a gift to someone else a message to the receiver can be included when paying.

In 1982 I published my first book. It was for fun, a one-time project, but “Say again” was an enormous success, reprinted continuously and at this moment the 12th edition is being shipped to all corners of the world.

Together with cartoonist Ton van Andel several other books were published after that and other aviation cartoonists joined. Later books with aviation anecdotes were published as well, in Dutch.

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